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Upon awakening be treated to a lavishly prepared  breakfast buffet spread in the Hotel dining area served daily. In a serene and relaxing ambiance endulge in an array of tantalizing foods that are both  appetising and nutritious.


The Breakfast Menu consists of assorted healthy cereals, delicious well done hashbrowns and smooth potatoes, freshly brewed coffe, tea and juice, eggs prepared to perfection in various styles, healthy veggies, fresh fruit, cheeses as well as an assortment of baked rolls and confections.

The Dining area with its modern interior design and tasteful decor create an ambiance that will enhance your morning Breakfast and kickstart your day in the prefect way.




5001 13th avenue

(718) 633-5555

Moments within walking into this vibrant bistro, a friendly wait staff asks if you prefer a table. Although, Spoons is an ideal grab-n-go spot; customers are encouraged to stay for a leisurely breakfast, casual lunch; or a light yet satisfying dinner. During the morning rush, the staff does a bustling take-out business with jumbo omelets, sandwiches, and coffee drinks, while sandwiches, sushi rolls and salads to go are popular with the lunchtime crowds The menu is full of dishes to savor; especially the sweet desserts and dozens of coffee confections made with gourmet Italian coffees.



4815 12th avenue

(718) 686-7500

Walk into Orchidea and you will think you walked out of Borough Park and into a five star Manhattan restaurant. The establishment is decorated with style and bursting with substance. Everything is done with class and quality. Waiters in white gloves welcome you and read off the menu specials with diligence. Every dish is designed with dazzling creativity and presentation.



4905 13th avenue

(718) 437-1962

With years of experience cooking in the restaurants and wholesale industry our staff is excited to present their vision to you and all our guests. Our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us. Our restaurant is available for private and corporate events, in house as well as in any location of your choosing business lunches and dinners, receptions, and more



1301 40th Street

(718) 437-1962

This restaurant has been cultivating a following that is thrilled to find a local and trendy eatery in town. Its walls of glazed exposed brick and warm chestnut and russet colors create an inviting Old World ambience, while the metal-encased lanterns and a glass waterfall wall, set in Jerusalem stones, form a contemporary aesthetic decor.

The Owner, Chef and Manager characterizes the cuisine as classic American with an ethnic touch. He also emphasizes the individuality of the sushi and the specially prime grilled meats. Chef Boris Poleschuk, relies on gourmet, organic herbs and incredibly fresh ingredients, to create an eclectic array of dishes drawing tastes from India, Asia and the Mediterranean. The entrees are thoughtfully executed and artfully arranged.



1305 53rd Steet

(718) 438-4448

Billing itself as “inspired dining,” Urbana is the new kosher dairy restaurant  Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY,  Urbana has taken a high-end twist on the kosher dairy restaurant serving brick oven pizzas, fresh pastas (including ravioli, gnocchi, and more), fish, salads, polentas, soups, and more, many of which are prepared in open stations, viewable to the customers.

The restaurant’s beautiful interior design and eye for detail seek to set it apart from the typical kosher restaurant.



4413 13th avenue

(718) 438-2576

 A Boro Park landmark for the business and leisure diner. Our reputation stems from having been part of your celebration and events, surpassing the expectations of our long-time costumers. Step into the redesigned dining room with a calming atmosphere of rustic-elegance. Browse the iPad menu to choose authentic Chinese dishes, sushi specialties, American fare or grilled steaks paired with signature wines. All dishes are prepared from prime meats, quality fish & hand picked vegetables,with strict kashrus guidelines. Make the occasion.

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